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Turtle Turtle Penny Stevens 23Wx20Hx8Dcm | fused glass £85.00 Square Platter with Dots Square Platter with Dots Penny Stevens 19Wx2Hx19Dcm | glass £40.00 Burr and Resin Pot Burr and Resin Pot Chris Harvey 10Hx11Øcm | elm £68.00 A Wet Day at the Golf Course A Wet Day at the Golf Course Barry Loines 63Wx36Hcm | oil £395.00 Goose Container Goose Container Hilary Audus 15Wx24Hx24Dcm | ceramic £220.00 Pelican In Her Piety Pelican In Her Piety Hilary Audus 23Wx18Hcm | ceramic £220.00 Hidden And Quiet Places Hidden And Quiet Places Susan Erskine Jones 41Wx43Hcm | collagraph £95.00 River Runs Through It River Runs Through It Irene Foster 58Wx58Hcm | oil £250.00 Riders on the Storm Riders on the Storm Irene Foster 46Wx35Hcm | oil £250.00 Summer Heat Summer Heat Jo Spyroploulos 45Wx45Hcm | acrylic £250.00 Sunlit Sunlit David Wells 56Wx70Hcm | gouache £225.00 Evening Light, Venice Evening Light, Venice Alan Chown 63Wx53Hcm | watercolour £245.00 A Splash of Colour A Splash of Colour Clare Tebboth 33Wx33Hcm | oil £200.00 City Square City Square Gary John 35Wx35Hcm | acrylic £190.00 Poppies Serving Platter Poppies Serving Platter Tlws Johnson 36Wx3Hx17Dcm | fused glass £60.00 Fox Stretching in Meadow Fox Stretching in Meadow Anne Gilbert 69Wx53Hcm | watercolour £225.00 Yew and Resin Bowl Yew and Resin Bowl Chris Harvey 11Hx22Øcm | wood and resin £84.00 Knight Knight David Wells 56Wx70Hcm | watercolour £225.00 Poppies Poppies Terry Wood 61Wx61Hcm | acrylic £195.00 Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Hilary Audus 12Wx24Hx14Dcm | ceramic £285.00 Funtime with Fabric Funtime with Fabric Mary Mayne 23Wx43Hcm | textile £80.00 Lunar 2019 Lunar 2019 Sally Luff 45Wx36Hcm | mixed media £300.00 Storm Over the Brickhills Storm Over the Brickhills Barry Loines 63Wx36Hcm | oil £395.00 Another Hook in the Wall Another Hook in the Wall Irene Foster oil £150.00 Langdale Pikes Across Loughrigg Tarn Langdale Pikes Across Loughrigg Tarn Barry Loines 29Wx29Hcm | oil £320.00 Gilded Glass Bowl Gilded Glass Bowl Susan Horler 5Hx12Øcm | pate de verre £83.00 Shade of Yellow Shade of Yellow Charmian Hayes 50Wx40Hcm | oil £280.00 Meander Meander Gary John 29Wx29Hcm | acrylic £165.00 Orange Sky and Fields Orange Sky and Fields Susan Gray 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on board £450.00 Black Wall Clock Black Wall Clock Chris Harvey 30Øcm | oak and resin £185.00 A Thoughtful Gift A Thoughtful Gift Clare Tebboth 33Wx33Hcm | oil £200.00 Peacock Peacock Penny Stevens 15Wx21Hx10Dcm | glass £50.00 Prancing Foal Prancing Foal Laura Partington 22Wx21Hx10Dcm | black iron and floristry wire on Honister green slate £95.00 Basking Cormorant Basking Cormorant Hilary Audus 26Wx18Hcm | ceramic £285.00 Dreaming Rabbit Dreaming Rabbit Hilary Audus 13Wx11Hcm | ceramic £85.00 Bella Bella Cat Oakley 20Wx14Hx8Dcm | raku £75.00 Torso, Springtime Torso, Springtime Carol Read 20Wx41Hx6Dcm | ceramic £300.00 Lying Hare Lying Hare Richard Ballantyne 22Wx10Hx10Dcm | raku £125.00 Pond at Giverney Pond at Giverney Raina Goran 86Wx60Hcm | acrylic on canvas £600.00 Whale Tail Whale Tail Penny Stevens 14Wx12Hx11Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Evening Falls Evening Falls Ann Loines 98Wx68Hcm | encaustic wax and Oil £850.00 Winter Fields Small Winter Fields Small Kirsteen Holuj 15Wx16Hcm | ceramic £80.00 Contre Jour Contre Jour Tim Hagan 30Wx30Hcm | oil on board £250.00 Midnight Feast Midnight Feast Barry Loines 80Wx100Hcm | oil £1,800.00 Lidded Burr Pot with White Resin Lidded Burr Pot with White Resin Chris Harvey 20Hx15Øcm | elm £85.00 Egg Bound Egg Bound Richard Ballantyne 27Wx15Hx14Dcm | raku £266.00 Hydrangea Hydrangea Ann Loines 30Wx40Hcm | pencil £850.00 Lakeside Lakeside Ann Loines 32Wx32Hcm | encaustic wax £199.00 Boats at Wells Next the Sea Boats at Wells Next the Sea Alan Chown 48Wx40Hcm | acrylic £225.00 Rhapsody in Blue Rhapsody in Blue Irene Foster 54Wx44Hcm | oil £200.00 Four A Day Four A Day Irene Foster 43Wx43Hcm | oil £195.00 Moored Up Moored Up Irene Foster 37Wx46Hcm | oil £175.00 Pines at Aspley Woods Pines at Aspley Woods Jill Varone 44Wx59Hcm | pastel £245.00 Iron Wood Bowl Iron Wood Bowl Mike Waldt 11Hx14Øcm | turned wood £70.00 Beach Scene, Crete Beach Scene, Crete Raina Goran 43Wx36Hcm | acrylic, pastel and collage £400.00 Scottish Harbour Scene Scottish Harbour Scene Terry Wood 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic on board £325.00 Autum Morn Autum Morn Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | encaustic wax £1,250.00 Blue Spot Stem Vase Blue Spot Stem Vase Julia Stapleton 19Hx5Øcm | ceramic £16.00 Fishing Boats at Essaouira Fishing Boats at Essaouira Alan Chown 43Wx35Hcm | acrylic £200.00 One Wise Owl One Wise Owl Hannah Thomas 72Wx72Hcm | acrylic on canvas £500.00 Lake View Lake View Ann Loines 22Wx22Hcm | encaustic wax £99.00 Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy Mary Mayne 28Wx63Hcm | textile £105.00 Petunia Petunia Cat Oakley 27Wx8Hx18Dcm | raku £120.00 Karoo Desert, South Africa Karoo Desert, South Africa Raina Goran 52Wx42Hcm | acrylic, pastel and collage £450.00