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Winter Sun, Brighton Winter Sun, Brighton Lisa Campbell 76Wx52Hcm | oil £420.00 Nessun Dorma Nessun Dorma Naomi Boiko-Stapleton 50Wx100Hcm | oil £775.00 Raven on Cooper's Plane Raven on Cooper's Plane Richard Ballantyne 36Wx22Hx32Dcm | ceramic and wood £250.00 Cloud Gap at Crinkle Crags, Lake District Cloud Gap at Crinkle Crags, Lake District Tim Hagan 67Wx88Hcm | oil on canvas £450.00 Soprano Saxophone Soprano Saxophone David Wells 70Wx56Hcm | watercolour £260.00 Turquoise Clock Turquoise Clock Iveta Goddard 10Wx14Hcm | ceramic £40.00 Here I Am Here I Am Charmian Hayes 46Wx77Hcm | oil £300.00 The London Palladium The London Palladium Lisa Campbell 74Wx104Hcm | oil on MDF £700.00 Evening Light, Venice Evening Light, Venice Alan Chown 63Wx53Hcm | watercolour £245.00 Elements No.3 Elements No.3 Abby Cork 35Wx35Hcm | mixed media £175.00 Stepping Out Stepping Out Roland Lawar 36Wx70Hcm | steel £650.00 Summer Trees Summer Trees Terry Wood 76Wx76Hcm | acrylic £350.00 Mask Mask Roland Lawar 22Wx51Hcm | steel £380.00 Limelight Limelight Barry Loines 60Wx60Hcm | oil £850.00 Orange Sky and Fields Orange Sky and Fields Susan Gray 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on board £450.00 Summer River Scene Summer River Scene Terry Wood 76Wx76Hcm | acrylic £350.00 Moored Up Moored Up Irene Foster 37Wx46Hcm | oil £175.00 Burr Bowl Natural Edge Burr Bowl Natural Edge Chris Harvey 14Hx17Øcm | elm £68.00 Square 1 Square 1 Vikki Stacey 6Wx6Hx5Dcm | cast glass £150.00 January Blues January Blues Barry Loines 50Wx50Hcm | oil £500.00 China Town China Town Lisa Campbell 72Wx72Hcm | oil on canvas £550.00 Highlands - Last Light Highlands - Last Light Tim Hagan 49Wx60Hcm | oil on jute £300.00 Ozzy Owl Ozzy Owl Anne Gilbert 66Wx61Hcm | watercolour £245.00 Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Hilary Audus 12Wx24Hx14Dcm | ceramic £285.00 Three Swifts Three Swifts Richard Ballantyne 16Wx14Hx16Dcm | raku £75.00 The Three Graces The Three Graces Irene Foster 100Wx50Hcm | oil £295.00 Medieval Clock Medieval Clock Linda Harris 15Wx20Hcm | ceramic £99.00 Edge of the Forrest Edge of the Forrest Charmian Hayes 61Wx46Hcm | oil £300.00 Arctic Hare Arctic Hare Hilary Audus 24Wx13Hcm | ceramic £275.00 Pembrokeshire Coast Pembrokeshire Coast Jenny Clark 52Wx22Hcm | mixed media £295.00 A Splash of Colour A Splash of Colour Clare Tebboth 33Wx33Hcm | oil £200.00 Lying Hare Lying Hare Richard Ballantyne 22Wx10Hx10Dcm | raku £125.00 Beyond the Pond Beyond the Pond Gary John 40Wx60Hcm | acrylic £380.00 Lying Hare Lying Hare Richard Ballantyne 33Wx10Hx22Dcm | raku £192.00 Llanberis Pass Llanberis Pass Roy Holding 96Wx71Hcm | oil £2,500.00 Just Splash Large Bowl Just Splash Large Bowl Carol Read 10Hx24Dcm | ceramic £88.00 Long Glass Vase Long Glass Vase Jan Munro PS 52Wx52Hcm | acrylic and collage £395.00 Otters Otters Richard Ballantyne 37Wx20Hx15Dcm | raku £300.00 Sentinals Sentinals Jenny Clark 50Wx60Hcm | mixed media £595.00 Acacia Root Acacia Root Mike Waldt 13Hx9Øcm | turned wood £65.00 Winter at Gwastadant, Lanberis Pass, North Wales Winter at Gwastadant, Lanberis Pass, North Wales Roy Holding 100Wx120Hcm | mixed media £3,500.00 Patiently Waiting Patiently Waiting Lisa Campbell 104Wx74Hcm | oil on MDF £700.00 Ocean Queen Ocean Queen Richard Ballantyne 22Wx28Hx28Dcm | raku and vintage tin £250.00 Woodland in Autumn Woodland in Autumn Terry Wood 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic £385.00 Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Lisa Campbell 40Wx40Hcm | oil on canvas £230.00 Purple Mountain Purple Mountain Alison Abrams 56Wx28Hcm | resin and coloured pigments £395.00 Desert Ships Desert Ships Barry Loines 100Wx80Hcm | oil £3,000.00 Lemon Tea Lemon Tea Charmian Hayes 61Wx31Hcm | oil £300.00 Morning Meadow Morning Meadow Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | cold wax £1,250.00 Steep Hill, Lincoln Steep Hill, Lincoln Lisa Campbell 70Wx50Hcm | oil on canvas £350.00 Ghyll Ghyll Tim Hagan 97Wx78Hcm | oil on canvas £700.00 Orange Spot Stem Vase Orange Spot Stem Vase Julia Stapleton 22Hx7Øcm | ceramic £25.00 Butterflies Garden Ornament Butterflies Garden Ornament Caroline Cousin 6Wx27Hcm | fused glass £32.00 Into the Light Into the Light Hannah Thomas 45Wx25Hcm | acrylic £400.00 Lakeland Mist Lakeland Mist Ann Loines 32Wx32Hcm | encaustic wax £199.00 Burr Oak Burr Oak Mike Waldt 15Hx18Øcm | turned wood £100.00 St Alban's Market St Alban's Market Lisa Campbell 70Wx50Hcm | oil £360.00 Lake View Lake View Ann Loines 22Wx22Hcm | encaustic wax £99.00 Yew and Resin Bowl Yew and Resin Bowl Chris Harvey 11Hx22Øcm | wood and resin £84.00 Pines at Aspley Woods Pines at Aspley Woods Jill Varone 44Wx59Hcm | pastel £245.00 Gecko Gecko Laura Partington 29Wx7Hcm | wire sculpture £65.00 Over the Line Over the Line David Wells 65Wx70Hcm | watercolour £225.00 Upright Hare Upright Hare Richard Ballantyne 12Wx24Hx18Dcm | raku £192.00 Lily Pond Wave Lily Pond Wave Caroline Cousin 10Wx28Hx6Dcm | fused glass £50.00