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Karoo Desert, South Africa Karoo Desert, South Africa Raina Goran 52Wx42Hcm | Acrylic, Pastel and Collage £450.00 By the Way By the Way Susan Erskine Jones 27Wx27Hcm | Oil £280.00 January Blues January Blues Barry Loines 50Wx50Hcm | Oil £500.00 Three Little Birds - Robin, Wren and Goldcrest Three Little Birds - Robin, Wren and Goldcrest Hannah Thomas 39Wx39Hcm | Coloured Pencil on Paper £180.00 Karoo Mountain, South Africa Karoo Mountain, South Africa Raina Goran 47Wx50Hcm | Acrylic, Pastel and Collage £450.00 Lily Pond Wave Lily Pond Wave Caroline Cousin 10Wx28Hx6Dcm | Fused Glass £50.00 Humming Bird Humming Bird Laura Partington 12Wx12Hcm | Wire Sculpture £75.00 Herald Angel, Do Not Be Afraid Herald Angel, Do Not Be Afraid Laura Partington 29Wx27Hcm | Wire Sculpture £95.00 Morning Meadow Morning Meadow Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | Cold Wax £1,250.00 Night Light Night Light Jan Munro PS 31Wx31Hcm | Acrylic £395.00 Burr Oak Burr Oak Mike Waldt 15Hx18Øcm | Turned Wood £100.00 Reclining Fox Reclining Fox Gin Durham 15Wx10Hx9Dcm | Ceramic £110.00 Little Pot with Lid Little Pot with Lid Jan Munro PS 31Wx31Hcm | Acrylic £395.00 By the Light By the Light Hannah Thomas 25Wx25Hcm | Oil £250.00 Morning Sunlight Morning Sunlight Jill Varone 46Wx40Hcm | Soft Pastel £295.00 Drips out of the Box Drips out of the Box Chloe May 42Wx59Hcm | Indian Ink £290.00 A Dangerous Distraction A Dangerous Distraction Becky Gouverneur 59Wx57Hcm | Charcoal with Pastel £550.00 Splash Splash Chris Harvey 30Wx12Hx20Dcm | Wood £166.00 Basking Cormorant Basking Cormorant Hilary Audus 26Wx18Hcm | Ceramic £285.00 Burr Bowl Natural Edge Burr Bowl Natural Edge Chris Harvey 14Hx17Øcm | Elm £68.00 Seagull's View Seagull's View Tlws Johnson 30Wx5Hx30Dcm | Fused Glass £70.00 Yellow Chair and Bookcase Yellow Chair and Bookcase Lisa Campbell 70Wx70Hcm | Oil on Canvas £500.00 Penguin on Pedestal Penguin on Pedestal Gin Durham 4Wx17Hx6Dcm | Ceramic £82.00 Ammonite Ammonite Tlws Johnson 16Wx6Hx14Dcm | Cast Glass £120.00 Otters Otters Hilary Audus 27Wx11Hx20Dcm | Ceramic £185.00 Red Rose Stoneware Vase Red Rose Stoneware Vase Julia Stapleton 16Wx20Hcm | Stoneware £59.00 Between Moments Between Moments Susan Erskine Jones 57Wx54Hcm | Mixed Media on Somerset Paper £280.00 Square 1 Square 1 Vikki Stacey 6Wx6Hx5Dcm | Cast Glass £150.00 Orange Spot Stem Vase Orange Spot Stem Vase Julia Stapleton 7Wx21Hx7Dcm | Ceramic £24.00 Hello Stranger Hello Stranger Graham Price 43Wx33Hcm | Mixed Media £200.00 Red Snippet Red Snippet Irene Foster 58Wx48Hcm | Oil £250.00 Must Go Must Go Barry Loines 50Wx50Hcm | Oil £500.00 Here I Am Here I Am Charmian Hayes 46Wx77Hcm | Oil £300.00 Hydrangea Hydrangea Ann Loines 30Wx40Hcm | Pencil £850.00 Leisurely Stroll Leisurely Stroll Graham Price 52Wx52Hcm | Mixed Media £250.00 Riverside Walk, Caldecotte Riverside Walk, Caldecotte Jill Varone 46Wx43Hcm | Pastel £225.00 Blackthorn, Spring 2020 Blackthorn, Spring 2020 Tim Hagan 35Wx25Hcm | Oil on Canvas £280.00 Ice Creams in Stratford Upon Avon Ice Creams in Stratford Upon Avon Lisa Campbell 75Wx58Hcm | Oil on Canvas £340.00 White SpottyTea Light Holder White SpottyTea Light Holder Caroline Cousin 10Wx10Hx10Dcm | Glass £20.00 Tate Modern Tate Modern Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | Acrylic on Panel £190.00 Rolling Fields Stoneware Vase Rolling Fields Stoneware Vase Julia Stapleton 11Wx16Hcm | Stoneware £29.00 Christmas Tree Stand Up Christmas Tree Stand Up Caroline Cousin 12Wx15Hx5Dcm | Fused Glass £30.00 Busy in Cambridge Busy in Cambridge Lisa Campbell 70Wx70Hcm | Oil on Canvas £500.00 Australia Australia Sally Luff 46Wx57Hcm | Mixed Media £300.00 Pelican In Her Piety Pelican In Her Piety Hilary Audus 23Wx18Hcm | Ceramic £220.00 Devon Earth Devon Earth Susan Gray 26Wx20Hcm | Acrylic on Board £295.00 Dreaming Rabbit Dreaming Rabbit Hilary Audus 13Wx11Hcm | Ceramic £75.00 Lunar 2019 Lunar 2019 Sally Luff 45Wx36Hcm | Mixed Media £300.00 Cottage Garden Cottage Garden Jill Varone 43Wx48Hcm | Soft Pastel £295.00 Running Cockerel Running Cockerel Laura Partington 25Wx23Hx12Dcm | Galvanised Iron Steel and Coated Copper Wire on Honister Green Slate £95.00 Two Friends and a Mobile Phone Two Friends and a Mobile Phone Lisa Campbell 46Wx61Hcm | Oil £280.00 Poppies Poppies Terry Wood 61Wx61Hcm | Acrylic £195.00 Berber Shop Keeper Berber Shop Keeper Alan Chown 40Wx48Hcm | Acrylic on Canvas Board £225.00 Prancing Foal Prancing Foal Laura Partington 21Wx19Hcm | Wire Sculpture £95.00 Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Hilary Audus 12Wx24Hx14Dcm | Ceramic £285.00 Princess Lay-a Princess Lay-a Becky Gouverneur 43Wx33Hcm | Coloured Pencil £250.00 Flamboyance Flamboyance Lisa Campbell 60Wx40Hcm | Oil on Canvas £280.00 Baguette Platter Baguette Platter Tlws Johnson 40Wx2Hx10Dcm | Fused Glass £50.00 Stepping Out Stepping Out Roland Lawar 36Wx70Hcm | Steel £650.00 Free Spirit Free Spirit Barry Loines 60Wx60Hcm | Oil £950.00 Elements No.10 Elements No.10 Abby Cork 63Wx56Hcm | Mixed Media £425.00 Dora Donkey Dora Donkey Anne Gilbert 57Wx61Hcm | Watercolour £250.00 The Mill The Mill Irene Foster 33Wx28Hcm | Oil £150.00 Limelight Limelight Barry Loines 60Wx60Hcm | Oil £850.00