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Yellow Star Flower Bowl Yellow Star Flower Bowl Penny Stevens 22Wx22Hx5Dcm | glass £52.00 Still Waters Still Waters David Wells 70Wx56Hcm | watercolour £250.00 Lakeside Lakeside Ann Loines 32Wx32Hcm | encaustic wax £199.00 A Dangerous Distraction A Dangerous Distraction Becky Gouverneur 59Wx57Hcm | charcoal with pastel £550.00 Race Day Race Day David Wells 70Wx56Hcm | watercolour £270.00 Spotted Duck Spotted Duck Richard Ballantyne 13Wx24Hx10Dcm | raku and vintage jug £159.00 U Tern U Tern Richard Ballantyne 27Wx35Hx12Dcm | raku wood metal £158.00 Morning Meadow Morning Meadow Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | cold wax £1,250.00 From Shade to Sun From Shade to Sun Jan Munro 62Wx62Hcm | acrylic £425.00 The Messenger The Messenger Hannah Thomas 77Wx57Hcm | charcoal on fabriano paper £250.00 Australian Gimlet Burr Bowl Australian Gimlet Burr Bowl Chris Harvey 6Hx24Øcm | wood £100.00 The Robin and the Wren The Robin and the Wren Hannah Thomas 52Wx52Hcm | charcoal and pastel on paper £290.00 Jugs and Bowls Jugs and Bowls Ann Loines 40Wx33Hcm | oil and cold wax £245.00 A Welcome Sight A Welcome Sight Rob Cotton 82Wx56Hcm | oil on panel £750.00 Two Chicks on Copper Bottle Two Chicks on Copper Bottle Richard Ballantyne 30Wx35Hx20Dcm | raku and copper £300.00 Late Autumn Late Autumn Terry Wood 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic £285.00 Cloud Study - Pen Y Fan Cloud Study - Pen Y Fan Tim Hagan 54Wx44Hcm | oil on canvas £200.00 Long Glass Vase Long Glass Vase Jan Munro 52Wx52Hcm | acrylic and collage £395.00 Mountain Sunrise Mountain Sunrise Judith Jerams 50Wx40Hcm | watercolour £280.00 Out on Thee, Seeming Out on Thee, Seeming Haydn Dickenson 27Wx33Hcm | oil and graphite on canvas £425.00 Evening Falls Evening Falls Ann Loines 98Wx68Hcm | encaustic wax and Oil £850.00 Lime Greens Lime Greens Irene Foster 25Wx25Hcm | acrylic £150.00 On the Prowl On the Prowl Barrington Loines 84Wx99Hcm | oil £1,850.00 Morning Swim Morning Swim Barrington Loines 98Wx58Hcm | oil on board £1,600.00 Starry Night Starry Night Bob King 22Hx14Øcm | ceramic £110.00 In the Groove In the Groove David Wells 56Wx70Hcm | watercolour £270.00 Surf Leap Surf Leap Penny Stevens 25Wx27Hx8Dcm | fused glass £120.00 Bunnykins Bunnykins Penny Stevens 15Wx23Hx8Dcm | glass £55.00 Hummingbird on Flower Stem with Two Buds Hummingbird on Flower Stem with Two Buds Laura Partington 16Wx25Hx7Dcm | coated iron craft/jewellery and copper coated wire on Honister green slate £115.00 Large Green Script Scroll Bud Vase Large Green Script Scroll Bud Vase Diane Griffin 16Hx7Øcm | ceramic £50.00 The National Gallery The National Gallery Irene Foster 37Wx31Hcm | oil £180.00 Waterlogged Waterlogged Tim Hagan 55Wx55Hcm | oil on canvas £350.00 Betty Betty Hilary Audus 12Wx25Hx14Dcm | ceramic £250.00 Grand Canal Grand Canal David Wells 70Wx66Hcm | watercolour £250.00 Cambodian Fishing Village III Cambodian Fishing Village III Roy Holding 91Wx60Hcm | mixed media £2,000.00 Yew and Resin Coffee Table Yew and Resin Coffee Table Chris Harvey 79Wx39Hx42Dcm | wood and resin £266.00 Pear and Plumes Pear and Plumes Gary John 44Wx54Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £320.00 Fine Dining Fine Dining Lisa Campbell 60Wx42Hcm | oil on canvas £345.00 Liverpool Sunset Liverpool Sunset Irene Foster 61Wx51Hcm | oil £250.00 Cornish Coast II Cornish Coast II Irene Foster 33Wx33Hcm | mixed media £150.00 Under the Sea Under the Sea Alison Abrams 50Øcm | resin and coloured pigments £275.00 The Bicycle The Bicycle Lisa Campbell 38Wx48Hcm | oil on canvas £300.00 Medium Chick Medium Chick Richard Ballantyne 18Wx15Hx10Dcm | raku £83.00 Riverside Walk, Caldecotte Riverside Walk, Caldecotte Jill Varone 46Wx43Hcm | pastel £225.00 Daisies Daisies Ann Loines 80Wx80Hcm | cold wax and oil £700.00 Over the Horizon Over the Horizon Irene Foster 68Wx52Hcm | oil £250.00 Limeade Limeade Vikki Stacey 29Wx9Hx7Dcm | cast and polished glass £225.00 Pink Beaded Topped Bowl Pink Beaded Topped Bowl Graham Lester 7Hx20Øcm | wood, recycled paper, acrylic £150.00 After The Rain After The Rain Ann Loines 80Wx35Hcm | encaustic wax £850.00 Shipshape Shipshape Andrew Brown 30Wx30Hcm | driftwood and beach finds £160.00 Caldecotte Morning Mist Caldecotte Morning Mist Barrington Loines 106Wx45Hcm | oil on board £850.00 Magnificent View Magnificent View Clare Tebboth 75Wx55Hcm | oil on canvas £350.00 Island Island Andrew Brown 28Wx25Hcm | driftwood and beach finds £180.00 Free Spirit Free Spirit Barrington Loines 60Wx60Hcm | oil £950.00 A Sheep at the Wheel A Sheep at the Wheel Richard Ballantyne 15Dx32Øcm | raku and wood £200.00 Cherry Red Cherry Red Jan Munro 51Wx52Hcm | acrylic £535.00 Tied Up Tied Up Paul Wharton 30Wx30Hcm | oil on canvas £250.00 Silver Birch by the River Silver Birch by the River Terry Wood 76Wx62Hcm | acrylic on canvas £325.00 Pitigliano, Tuscany Pitigliano, Tuscany Roy Holding 120Wx100Hcm | mixed media £3,000.00 Limelight Limelight Barrington Loines 60Wx60Hcm | oil £850.00 Alligator Alligator Rob Cotton 83Wx60Hcm | watercolour and gouache £750.00 Autumn Walk Autumn Walk Barrington Loines 110Wx49Hcm | oil £860.00 Jenny Wren Jenny Wren Judith Jerams 26Wx20Hcm | watercolour on handmade paper £90.00 Mandrill Monkey Mandrill Monkey Rob Cotton 53Wx68Hcm | oil on panel £500.00