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Lisa Campbell oil painting

I have always loved the art of storytelling, whether in the form of film, a book, a piece of music or a painting. My paintings have a story to tell, sometimes quite simple, a couple walking down the street, sometimes more complex, leaving the viewer to participate and question what is going on. "Who is the girl waiting for?" "What are they looking at?" to mention a couple questions about some of my paintings.

As a keen people watcher and observer of life my inspiration for a painting starts with a figure, perhaps the clothing worn, a red hat, a scarf worn in a certain way, something they are doing or the interaction between a couple or group of people. I am interested in portraying people in everyday situations and the relationship within their surroundings.

When I start a new painting I draw and plan the painting working from my own photos and always start with the figure, allowing the background and foreground to develop around the central figure or figures. The idea of working around the figure continues with the painting, where I like to use a limited palette. I am fascinated by colour mixing and still find magical when two colours are mixed together to create another colour. I usually use palette knives and love the way colours can bounce off each other to make, I hope, bold and striking paintings.


Along the Grand Union Canal Along the Grand Union Canal 70Wx60Hcm | oil on MDF £455.00 Fine Dining Fine Dining 60Wx42Hcm | oil on canvas £345.00 Emerging Emerging 50Wx40Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Going Home Going Home 50Wx75Hcm | oil on canvas £450.00 Towards Tower Bridge Towards Tower Bridge 73Wx58Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD What a Wet Day What a Wet Day 74Wx104Hcm | oil mdf SOLD Alfresco Afternoon Tea Alfresco Afternoon Tea 40Wx50Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Busy Day in Cambridge Busy Day in Cambridge 70Wx70Hcm | oil SOLD Book and Chair Book and Chair 47Wx58Hcm | oil on board SOLD Stepping Out, Trafalgar Square Stepping Out, Trafalgar Square 74Wx74Hcm | oil on board SOLD Waiting for the Play to Start Waiting for the Play to Start oil on canvas SOLD China Town China Town 72Wx72Hcm | oil SOLD Northumberland Avenue Northumberland Avenue 52Wx62Hcm | oil on canvas £330.00 The Performance The Performance oil on canvas SOLD Confused Confused oil on canvas SOLD Reverie Reverie 40Wx50Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Rush Hour Rush Hour 75Wx55Hcm | oil on board £250.00 Strolling Through the Market Strolling Through the Market 33Wx45Hcm | oil SOLD Yellow Chair and Bookcase Yellow Chair and Bookcase 70Wx70Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Trafalgar Square in the Rain Trafalgar Square in the Rain 61Wx46Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Black Telephone Box Black Telephone Box 51Wx61Hcm | oil SOLD Whipsnade Bear Whipsnade Bear 40Wx40Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Tower Bridge Tower Bridge 61Wx46Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD The Doorman and the Patron The Doorman and the Patron 60Wx40Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Not Bothered Not Bothered 61Wx91Hcm | oil SOLD Street Scene - Bath Street Scene - Bath 60Wx50Hcm | oil on canvas £375.00 Lotions and Potions Lotions and Potions 72Wx52Hcm | oil on board £345.00 Comfortable Company Comfortable Company 41Wx61Hcm | oil £150.00 Lunch Time Lunch Time 100Wx75Hcm | oil SOLD Market Day, Cirencester Market Day, Cirencester 36Wx45Hcm | oil SOLD The Bookcase The Bookcase oil on canvas SOLD The Photographer The Photographer 59Wx42Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD The Bicycle The Bicycle 38Wx48Hcm | oil on canvas £300.00 All Sorts, Portobello Market All Sorts, Portobello Market 40Wx50Hcm | oil on canvas £260.00 Whipsnade Bear Whipsnade Bear oil on canvas SOLD London Eye London Eye 51Wx76Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Market Day Market Day 76Wx50Hcm | oil on canvas SOLD Breakfast at Richoux Breakfast at Richoux 50Wx41Hcm | oil SOLD Steep Hill Steep Hill 72Wx72Hcm | oil on mdf £500.00