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Mary Lupton acrylic abstract

By day I am a dental nurse within the NHS trust at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.  In the evenings and weekends I'm a self-taught abstract, non figurative artist.  
All of my work is one off, unique and original. You may have encountered the term Fluid Acrylic Pouring. No two pieces are the same, never replicated and are one of a kind.  I love the unexpected beauty that appears within my work, best observed when you free your imagination and let it wander.  
I use professional, artist grade, acrylic paints and finish my work with several layers of high gloss varnish. This allows the colours to pop and protects the work from UV damage.
My passion for art and culture coexists with an enthusiasm for travel…. I have a long –suffering husband who trudges along beside me!
I have produced several paid commissions and I would be delighted to be contacted to discuss commissions.