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Adrian Hobbs photography and digital art

I have been a professional photographer all my life working to a brief, a budget, and deadline. Nowadays, I follow my own path, inspired by the world of visual creativity in every medium, focusing mainly on landscape.

Recently I’ve taken a strong interest in digital drawings, sometimes using a circle as a basis, occasionally going back to my earlier photographs as a source, and playing with perspective and the unexpected. Essentially, the same aspect applies as with original photography, and my aim is to create a striking image.

Landscape photography has its limitations; it really struggles to portray into two dimensions all that we perceive in three. I avoid the conventional structures, preferring a more expressive feel, with a nod to the abstract. I’m happiest in a two-dimensional world; there are few vanishing points for me.

All my images on display and in the browser are available in any size, and can be either mounted on dibond, as these on show have been, framed more conventionally, or remain unframed. Do please enquire in the Gallery.