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Rob Cotton pencil, watercolour and oil painting

Rob is Bedfordian born and bred, and has always enjoyed drawing, painting and making things.

He started his working life as a draftsman with Bedford Borough Council in 1987, and is a keen scuba diver and traveller. All of these interests meant that he didn't find much time to sit down and paint. During his time at Bedford Council, and looking for new challenges, he joined the local Army Reserves Unit . This resulted in him being mobilised to Iraq in 2003 and 2008.  After his second tour, he left the Army and rediscovered the joy of painting and creating, as a way to relax and challenge him.

Rob is self taught and has experimented with watercolour, pastels, oil paint, sculpture and silversmithing. Most of his work is now oil paintings and silversmithing, with the majority of this work reflecting his love of wildlife and his interest in the military.