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Sally McRae glass

After a 36 year career in Local Government it was time to try something new. I love to be creative and wanted to do something that would combine my creativity with my geeky technical side. I’ve always loved glass, particularly the reflections you get from the sun shining through garden art and after attending a couple of basic glass fusing courses I bought my first kiln in 2019. There are so many things to make, different techniques to learn, firing schedules to understand and develop the possibilities for experimentation are endless.

I work mainly with fused glass but also dabble a bit with glass mosaics. I often wake up in the middle of the night with my head buzzing with ideas and no chance of getting back to sleep – sometimes my night time ideas translate into lovely pieces and sometimes they don’t! The great thing about fusible glass is that failed experiments can be recycled into new things so there is no waste.