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Penny Stevens glass

Based in the small village of Weedon, in Buckinghamshire, and working from a workshop in my garden, I love being creative with a range of shaping tools, a selection of clear and coloured pieces of glass and a large kiln for company.

I have set up ‘Through the Arch – Fused Glass’ as my company name and I am a Glass-Fuser, carefully cutting, shaping and melting glass sheets together with coloured glass powders and frit (chippings), creating bespoke pieces of art as gifts and for the home.
After retiring from teaching as a deputy headteacher, I went on to complete two years studying glass fusing at the University of Hertfordshire. I have always been artistic, having studied art and biology at university for my teacher training, and I thoroughly enjoy using my artistic skills in my retirement to create beautiful pieces of wall art, bowls, windows, tiles and many other gifts and artefacts for the home. I love combining colour and texture in creating anything from landscapes or abstract pieces to melting glass bottles. Between commissions, I am currently making a window, tiles for my bathroom and a splashback for my kitchen.
I love creating glass pieces as commissions, working closely with the client to create the perfect addition for their home, a tile, a window or a bowl,
or a piece designed as a special gift for someone.


Rainbow Bowl Rainbow Bowl 6Hx17Øcm | fused glass £70.00 Kentish Bay Kentish Bay 22Wx21Hx8Dcm | fused glass £110.00 Square Platter with Stripes Square Platter with Stripes 19Wx2Hx19Dcm | glass £40.00 Tranquil Shore Tranquil Shore 15Wx22Hx7Dcm | fused glass SOLD Morning Bouquet Morning Bouquet 15Wx18Hx7Dcm | fused glass SOLD Sunflower Field Sunflower Field 15Wx19Hx8Dcm | fused glass SOLD Poppy Meadow Poppy Meadow 15Wx18Hx7Dcm | glass SOLD Dragonfly Dragonfly 18Wx14Hx8Dcm | glass SOLD Dream Wave Dream Wave 28Wx27Hx7Dcm | glass with enamelled stand SOLD Surf Leap Surf Leap 25Wx27Hx8Dcm | fused glass £120.00 Tuscany Sunflowers Tuscany Sunflowers 10Wx20Hx7Dcm | fused glass SOLD Klimtish Clock Klimtish Clock 12Wx28Hx2Dcm | glass SOLD Beside the Sea Beside the Sea 8Wx20Hx6Dcm | fused glass SOLD Beside the Sea Beside the Sea 8Wx20Hx6Dcm | fused glass SOLD Small Wave Small Wave 16Wx21Hx7Dcm | fused glass SOLD Poppy Fields Poppy Fields 15Wx21Hcm | glass £70.00 Bluebell Woods Stand Up Bluebell Woods Stand Up 12Wx25Hcm | fused glass SOLD Bunch of Tulips Bunch of Tulips 15Wx25Hx11Dcm | fused glass SOLD Whale Tail Whale Tail 14Wx12Hx11Dcm | fused glass SOLD Orca in the Ocean Orca in the Ocean 23Wx58Hx13Dcm | glass SOLD Ewe Hoo - Curley Sheep Ewe Hoo - Curley Sheep 15Wx13Hx6Dcm | glass £55.00 Surf's Up Surf's Up 26Wx26Hcm | glass SOLD Surf's Up Surf's Up 28Wx20Hx7Dcm | glass SOLD Monet Dish Monet Dish 21Wx2Hx21Dcm | glass £80.00 Patchwork Bowl Patchwork Bowl 27Wx16Hx22Dcm | glass SOLD School's Out School's Out 34Wx16Hx6Dcm | glass SOLD Yellow Star Flower Bowl Yellow Star Flower Bowl 22Wx22Hx5Dcm | glass £52.00 Square Platter with Dots Square Platter with Dots 19Wx2Hx19Dcm | glass £40.00 Stag in the Mist Stag in the Mist 16Wx23Hx8Dcm | glass £55.00 Bunnykins Bunnykins 15Wx23Hx8Dcm | glass £55.00 Wind Beneath My Wings Wind Beneath My Wings 20Wx24Hx6Dcm | glass SOLD Morning Bouquet Morning Bouquet 15Wx18Hx7Dcm | fused glass SOLD Beside the Seaside Beside the Seaside 25Wx18Hx11Dcm | fused glass £120.00 White Butterfly White Butterfly 12Wx21Hx7Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Beside the Sea Beside the Sea 7Wx20Hx7Dcm | fused glass SOLD Rainbow Bowl Rainbow Bowl 4Hx16Øcm | fused glass £70.00 Blue Butterfly Blue Butterfly 12Wx22Hx8Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Spring Fresh - letter or napkin holder Spring Fresh - letter or napkin holder 16Wx9Hx6Dcm | fused glass £56.00 Village Church Village Church 13Wx20Hx11Dcm | glass £60.00 Flippit Bowl Flippit Bowl 5Hx18Øcm | glass £60.00 Turtle Turtle 23Wx20Hx8Dcm | fused glass SOLD Whale Song Whale Song 23Wx23Hx8Dcm | fused glass SOLD Sunflower Meadow Sunflower Meadow 15Wx21Hcm | glass SOLD Spring Vase Spring Vase 14Wx18Hx7Dcm | fused glass £42.00 Gilbert and George Gilbert and George 28Wx41Hx13Dcm | glass £170.00 Bluebell Woods Bluebell Woods 17Wx30Hx7Dcm | glass SOLD Seaview Clock Seaview Clock 15Wx41Hx2Dcm | glass SOLD Wildflowers Bowl Wildflowers Bowl 22Wx17Hx20Dcm | fused glass SOLD Klimt Style Clock Klimt Style Clock 9Wx23Hcm | fused glass SOLD Sea Spray Sea Spray 15Hx26Øcm | glass SOLD