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Louise Thomas Painter

Louise Thomas has a particular fascination with light and reflection and the technical demands these offer. Whilst highly reflective surfaces create static images that can be immediately captured even exhibiting several levels of reflection, water and liquid surfaces generate an incredible source of transient images that mesmerise and are difficult to translate into work. The constant movement of the sea and waterfalls have a particular interest for me and the combination of movement and transparency is the area of challenge she loves most.

A particular passion is textured landscapes through the use of medium with oil and watercolour paints to create works of different moods; this help create texture, depth and greater atmospheric effect. The results are enhanced grounds that display shadow and light reflection through the paint relief, helping the portrayal of the subject.

Her most consistent painting media, and bringing her the greatest pleasure, are oil and watercolour, but she is also a fan of soft pastel.

Louise practises at her private studio in Milton Keynes and works frequently with other local artists. She has exhibited in a number of UK and overseas galleries.