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Tlws Johnson Glass

Tlws makes large glass sculptures by the pate de verre method and slumps and fuses glass in a kiln. Her work is often colourful and sometimes has a narrative theme.

Tlws is a member of The Buckinghamshire Craft Guild, The Oxfordshire Craft Guild, The Buckinghamshire Art Society, The Buckinghamshire Visual Images Group, Just Glass and the Contemporary Glass Society. She regularly exhibits her work with these groups and in galleries around the country.

She uses lead crystal cullet melted into a mould to form large sculptures. These usually have a polished side to reveal the interior, where the colours swirl about and tiny air pockets that look like silver drops within the glass. The fused glass has colour trapped between two sheets of glass and range from small pedants, bowls, and larger wall pieces and windows. Most of these sculptures are individual originals but Tlws also makes a limited edition of certain items.