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Terry Wood acrylic painting

Terry Wood was born in Tottenham, North London, and grew up in Potters Bar. He has now lived in Stotfold, Hertfordshire.

Terry studied at St. Albans School of Art, and completed a BAHons degree in 2D Design.

His background is in Commercial Art, but his passion was in traditional painting. Finding himself on his own after tragically losing his wife, he knew he had to do something else with his life and applied for a class in fine art, graduating with a degree in the subject.

Terry gains inspiration from many sources. Having travelled extensively, his sketchbook is usually a digital camera, which he finds useful especially when time is short.


On the Rocks On the Rocks 101Wx76Hcm | acrylic on canvas £360.00 Autumn Evening Autumn Evening 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic SOLD Chateau Driveway Chateau Driveway 91Wx61Hcm | acrylic £265.00 Polperro Harbour Polperro Harbour 76Wx101Hcm | acrylic £370.00 Woburn Deer Woburn Deer 100Wx69Hcm | acrylic £350.00 Dancer 5 Dancer 5 61Wx76Hcm | acrylic on box canvas £230.00 Floral Display 2 Floral Display 2 91Wx61Hcm | acrylic on box canvas SOLD Figurative Study 7 Figurative Study 7 61Wx76Hcm | acrylic on canvas SOLD Spring Bluebells Spring Bluebells 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic £320.00 Woodland Walk Woodland Walk 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic £350.00 Silver Birches Silver Birches acrylic SOLD Autumn Light Autumn Light 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic SOLD Bluebell Woodland Bluebell Woodland 101Wx76Hcm | acrylic SOLD Woodland Pathway Woodland Pathway acrylic SOLD Woodland Path Woodland Path 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic SOLD Silver Birches Among the Bluebells Silver Birches Among the Bluebells 61Wx61Hcm | acrylic on box canvas SOLD Silverbirch in Montana Silverbirch in Montana 101Wx76Hcm | acrylic £345.00 Plockton, Scotland Plockton, Scotland 61Wx76Hcm | acrylic SOLD Late Autumn Late Autumn 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic £285.00 St Michael's Mount St Michael's Mount 76Wx101Hcm | acrylic on canvas SOLD Wildflower River Bank Wildflower River Bank 61Wx76Hcm | acrylic on canvas SOLD Ashridge Estate Woodland 1 Ashridge Estate Woodland 1 91Wx61Hcm | acrylic SOLD Autumn River Autumn River 61Wx75Hcm | acrylic SOLD Floral Display Floral Display 91Wx61Hcm | acrylic £250.00 Woodland Bluebells Woodland Bluebells 101Wx76Hcm | acrylic on canvas SOLD Winter Boats Winter Boats 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic on canvas SOLD Misty Morning Misty Morning 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic on canvas £325.00 Silver Birch by the River Silver Birch by the River 76Wx62Hcm | acrylic on canvas £325.00 Figure Study Figure Study 92Wx70Hcm | acrylic on canvas SOLD Radwell Stream Radwell Stream 91Wx70Hcm | acrylic SOLD Early Autumn River Early Autumn River 61Wx76Hcm | acrylic SOLD Summer Flowers Summer Flowers 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic SOLD St. Michael's Mount St. Michael's Mount 100Wx100Hcm | acrylic SOLD Autumn Morning Autumn Morning 91Wx71Hcm | acrylic SOLD Hitch Wood Hitch Wood acrylic SOLD Ashridge Woodland Ashridge Woodland 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic SOLD Scottish Harbour Scene Scottish Harbour Scene 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic on board £325.00 Woodland Sunlight Woodland Sunlight 61Wx76Hcm | acrylic on canvas SOLD Silver Birch Silver Birch 102Wx76Hcm | acrylic SOLD