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Hannah Thomas Paintings, Original Prints

Hannah is a local artist born in Milton Keynes in 1967. She has lived, worked and studied here ever since. Informed by her various studies including; art and design, life drawing, sculpture, artist’s books, printmaking, astrology and psychology, her approach to art is a therapeutic one.

She works spontaneously with a tendency towards experimentation and consequently she repeats the same subject over and again in a variety of mediums exploring shape and form, marks, texture, atmosphere and meaning.

Using mainly a limited palette, she enjoys the speed and coverage of dry media such as charcoal, pastel and pencil. But she is equally happy exploring the journey of a line using biro or ink pens. Often Hannah will progress through to a painting but this is never the final goal, just another part of the journey.

Anchored in the discipline of Life Drawing and the ability to work with immediacy she takes her inspiration from the environment around her. Inspired by those ‘ordinary’ moments, Hannah’s work focuses mainly upon the natural world and in particular birds.

Quite often appearing in Hannah’s work is also a recurring theme of circles: A never ending line symbolically representing a presence of time, journey, memory and essentially, ‘life’.
Hannah’s intention is to explore, to experiment and to forever repeat this process.

“For everything is in motion and where one image stops another begins. Like a circle there is no end.”