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Gary John Acrylic Paintings

Gary was originally trained as a graphic designer, back when computers were still a thing of science fiction and technical hand skills were the available and accepted tools of the trade.

However, following a degree in Education, he has spent some 35 years in the class- room. He suggests, teaching afforded him fantastic opportunities along with a real sense of purpose in supporting young people to achieve their goals.

After being totally absorbed and giving everything to the profession he decided to take some time for himself and go back to developing his own creative skills. This has required a radical shift in attitude, structure and thought. It is a journey with its highs and lows but one which had to be explored.

As an artist he is rather a magpie in relation to styles, techniques and materials. He suggests he has now become the student, influenced by an ever increasing range of artists and very much enjoys analysing the processes and techniques used in a wide range of media.

He is continually battling against his tight technical background and strives to explore with a more expressive approach.

The infectious journey has become part of his daily being and as Picasso is reported to have said, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."