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Jenny Clark
Jenny Clark Paintings

Jennifer studied Art and Sculpture in Yorkshire to A level but had no mind to go to art school or pursue a career in art.

Years later she joined a local Art Group and dabbled in watercolour and oils. She then rediscovered her love of painting when she joined Rugby & District Art Society enjoying and learning from demos. Following a painting holiday in Devon she met Mike Bernard RI discovering the pure joy of mixed media collage. Employing the boldness of colour and form achievable has enabled her to develop her own strong style.

A member of four art groups around Northamptonshire, she has received several awards from Art Societies, the most recent being Best in Show at Network Arts Northamptonshire 'A New Era' exhibition at the Charles Rennie MacIntosh House, Northampton ( 2020).

Jennifer continues to experiment and discover new techniques with acrylic ink acrylics and collage and loves to incorporate 'accidents' into her work. She also specialises in memory paintings which commemorate and celebrate special events e.g. wedding day. finding inspiration in the lives and background stories of people and their special places.