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Vikki Stacey
Vikki Stacey glass

Vikki started working with glass in 2011 and, after learning how to blow, lampwork, cast and fuse glass, decided that casting and fusing were the techniques she wanted to find out more about.

After various courses, workshops and experiments her quirky style began to emerge. She finds inspiration in colour and light and her love of architecture influences some of her fusing. Vikki makes larger sculptures using polystyrene, clay or wax to make a model; this is then covered with a plaster mix of plaster, silica and fibreglass to make a mould, which is filled with glass of various sizes. Finally this mould is fired in a kiln, cooled down and the resulting glass piece is hand polished or processed to finish it.

The fused pieces are made by cutting and arranging coloured opal or transparent pieces of glass and then fusing and slumping the pieces as required. Sometimes the result is not as anticipated, due to colour changes or glass shifting and this can mean “happy accidents’ which lead to different developments, making all her pieces original.