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A New Exhibition from the 12th, August!

The Woburn Art Gallery is very excited about things to come! Following a universally difficult and worrying period, we have had a successful reopening from the pandemic lockdown, and are now open an extra day on Wednesdays. We are so pleased to see people return and be enthused with the displayed art. We are also exceptionally grateful for the dedication of the gallery’s wonderful volunteers and extend a warm welcome to our most recent recruits!

The exhibition opens on August Wednesday 12 th at 11am with a completely new set of paintings, and we are pleased to welcome a number of new artists to this exhibition. We are also displaying many. 3D works from regular and new artists. The Gallery is very proud to have such a varied and interesting display, and we sincerely hope, with your interest and support, to continue providing this cultural outlet to art lovers in the local community and tourism alike.

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