Woburn Art Gallery


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River Beyond River Beyond Barrington Loines 49Wx60Hcm | oil £450.00 Quinag View, Scotland Quinag View, Scotland Ann Loines 21Wx30Hcm | oil on canvas £320.00 Elizabeth Castle, Jersey Elizabeth Castle, Jersey Alan Chown 90Wx35Hcm | acrylic on canvas £295.00 High Land Cove High Land Cove Raina Goran 80Wx65Hcm | oil on canvas £850.00 Trees by the River Trees by the River Terry Wood 101Wx76Hcm | acrylic on canvas £325.00 Summer River Scene Summer River Scene Terry Wood 76Wx76Hcm | acrylic £350.00 St Alban's Market St Alban's Market Lisa Campbell 70Wx50Hcm | oil £360.00 In My Dreams In My Dreams Irene Foster 45Wx45Hcm | oil £195.00 Jay Jay Hannah Thomas 20Wx20Hcm | drawing £70.00 Predator Predator Becky Gouverneur 55Wx76Hcm | charcoal on canvas £1,350.00 Nessun Dorma Nessun Dorma Naomi Boiko-Stapleton 50Wx100Hcm | oil £775.00 City Square City Square Gary John 35Wx35Hcm | acrylic £190.00 Little Cup of Joy Little Cup of Joy Clare Tebboth 33Wx33Hcm | oil £200.00 Greek Island of Santorini Greek Island of Santorini Roy Holding 100Wx80Hcm | oil on canvas £2,000.00 Clouds Beckon Clouds Beckon Irene Foster 45Wx35Hcm | oil £320.00 Rhapsody in Blue Rhapsody in Blue Irene Foster 54Wx44Hcm | oil £200.00 This Place is a Dream This Place is a Dream Lorraine Streatfield 40Wx40Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £275.00 Any Port Any Port Barrington Loines 50Wx50Hcm | oil £500.00 Riverside Walk, Caldecotte Riverside Walk, Caldecotte Jill Varone 46Wx43Hcm | pastel £225.00 Silver Birch by the River Silver Birch by the River Terry Wood 76Wx62Hcm | acrylic on canvas £325.00 Windfall Windfall Susan Erskine Jones 20Wx20Hcm | oil on thread canvas £180.00 Beach Scene, Crete Beach Scene, Crete Raina Goran 43Wx36Hcm | acrylic, pastel and collage £400.00 Where Are We Meeting Them? Where Are We Meeting Them? Lisa Campbell 50Wx40Hcm | oil on canvas £315.00 Threshold Threshold Andrew Brown 79Wx41Hcm | acrylic and collage £245.00 Hydrangea Hydrangea Ann Loines 30Wx40Hcm | pencil £850.00 Maori Warrior Maori Warrior David Wells 56Wx70Hcm | gouache £225.00 Hidden And Quiet Places Hidden And Quiet Places Susan Erskine Jones 41Wx43Hcm | collagraph £95.00 Princess Lay-a Princess Lay-a Becky Gouverneur 43Wx33Hcm | coloured pencil £250.00 Deep Deep Alison Abrams 37Wx22Hcm | resin and coloured pigments £125.00 Morning Meadow Morning Meadow Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | cold wax £1,250.00 Ebb and Flow Ebb and Flow Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic £190.00 First Frost First Frost Jan Munro PS 68Wx68Hcm | pastel £625.00 Boris Bikes Boris Bikes Cathy Read 30Wx45Hcm | watercolour and acrylic £625.00 Stocks Stocks Jan Munro PS 65Wx72Hcm | pastel £625.00 Chateau Driveway Chateau Driveway Terry Wood 91Wx61Hcm | acrylic £265.00 A Flamboyance of Flamingoes A Flamboyance of Flamingoes Lisa Campbell 60Wx40Hcm | oil £180.00 All that Glitters..... All that Glitters..... Hannah Thomas 20Wx25Hcm | acrylic on canvas board £85.00 Evening Falls Evening Falls Ann Loines 98Wx68Hcm | encaustic wax and Oil £850.00 The National Gallery The National Gallery Irene Foster 37Wx31Hcm | oil £180.00 Ronnie the Rooster Ronnie the Rooster David Wells 70Wx66Hcm | watercolour £270.00 Burning Bridges Burning Bridges Irene Foster 55Wx44Hcm | oil £345.00 Tate Modern Tate Modern Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on panel £190.00 Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Lisa Campbell 40Wx40Hcm | oil on canvas £230.00 True Colours True Colours Lorraine Streatfield 40Wx40Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £275.00 Fox Stretching in Meadow Fox Stretching in Meadow Anne Gilbert 69Wx53Hcm | watercolour £225.00 Ria Formosa Ria Formosa Irene Foster 33Wx28Hcm | oil £150.00 Llanberis Pass Llanberis Pass Roy Holding 96Wx71Hcm | oil £2,500.00 After The Rain After The Rain Ann Loines 80Wx35Hcm | encaustic wax £850.00 Funtime with Fabric Funtime with Fabric Mary Mayne 23Wx43Hcm | textile £80.00 The Invitation The Invitation Susan Erskine Jones 30Wx30Hcm | oil on board £375.00 Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy Mary Mayne 28Wx63Hcm | textile £105.00 Free Spirit Free Spirit Barrington Loines 60Wx60Hcm | oil £950.00 Surface of the Sky Surface of the Sky Susan Erskine Jones 30Wx30Hcm | oil on board £375.00 Mars Meets Neptune Mars Meets Neptune Alison Abrams 47Wx35Hcm | acrylic and structure paste £375.00 Confusion - No Big Surprise Confusion - No Big Surprise Irene Foster 100Wx50Hcm | oil £420.00 Fields of Fire Fields of Fire Gary John 40Wx60Hcm | acrylic on panel £360.00 Limelight Limelight Barrington Loines 60Wx60Hcm | oil £850.00 Longslade Longslade Abby Cork 30Wx34Hcm | mixed media £145.00 A Dartmoor Theatre - study A Dartmoor Theatre - study Tim Hagan 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic and oil on canvas £200.00 Kindred Spirit II Kindred Spirit II Lorraine Streatfield 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £225.00 Three Winter Houses Three Winter Houses Mary Mayne 30Wx20Hcm | textile £100.00 Valley Glow Valley Glow Gary John 25Wx25Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £180.00 The Three Graces The Three Graces Irene Foster 100Wx50Hcm | oil £295.00 Poppy Poppy Irene Foster 62Wx52Hcm | oil £295.00