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3D Art

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Frankie the Dachshund Frankie the Dachshund Cat Oakley 15Wx13Hx11Dcm | raku £75.00 Organic Spiral Organic Spiral Sally McRae 7Hx30Øcm | fused glass £300.00 Owl Owl Laura Partington 20Wx24Hx13Dcm | galvanised iron/steel and coated copper wire on Honister green slate £150.00 Ash and Resin Tray Ash and Resin Tray Chris Harvey 49Wx30Hx1Dcm | wood £167.00 Ash and Blue Resin Pot Ash and Blue Resin Pot Chris Harvey 10Hx12Øcm | wood and resin £50.00 Island Island Andrew Brown 28Wx25Hcm | driftwood and beach finds £180.00 Orca in the Ocean Orca in the Ocean Penny Stevens 23Wx58Hx13Dcm | glass £160.00 Block II Block II Vikki Stacey 9Wx22Hx9Dcm | cast glass £686.00 Lily Pond Wave Lily Pond Wave Caroline Cousin 10Wx28Hx6Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Seaview Clock Seaview Clock Penny Stevens 15Wx41Hx2Dcm | glass £160.00 Blue Butterfly Blue Butterfly Penny Stevens 12Wx22Hx8Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Nefartari Nefartari Tlws Johnson 29Wx6Hx29Dcm | fused glass £70.00 Iron Wood Bowl Iron Wood Bowl Mike Waldt 11Hx14Øcm | turned wood £70.00 Portal Portal Tlws Johnson 13Wx29Hx8Dcm | cast crystal £185.00 Square Spiral Dish Square Spiral Dish Sally McRae 23Wx7Hx23Dcm | glass £100.00 Red Street Red Street Vikki Stacey 24Wx26Hcm | fused glass £67.00 Kintsugi Dog Kintsugi Dog Richard Ballantyne 31Wx14Hx13Dcm | raku with gold leaf £220.00 Peacock Peacock Penny Stevens 15Wx21Hx10Dcm | glass £50.00 Lime Bottle Vase Lime Bottle Vase Peter White 20Hx10Øcm | ceramic £75.00 Gilbert and George Gilbert and George Penny Stevens 28Wx41Hx13Dcm | glass £170.00 Humming Bird Humming Bird Laura Partington 12Wx12Hcm | wire sculpture £75.00 White Wolf White Wolf Richard Ballantyne 28Wx23Hx12Dcm | raku £200.00 Summer IV Summer IV Eddie King 21Hx19Øcm | blown glass £585.00 White Sheep White Sheep Cat Oakley 22Wx12Hx10Dcm | raku £110.00 Acacia Root Acacia Root Mike Waldt 13Hx9Øcm | turned wood £65.00 Signature I Signature I Eddie King 39Hx24Øcm | blown glass £835.00 Square 1 Square 1 Vikki Stacey 6Wx6Hx5Dcm | cast glass £150.00 White Butterfly White Butterfly Penny Stevens 12Wx21Hx7Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Square Platter with Stripes Square Platter with Stripes Penny Stevens 19Wx2Hx19Dcm | glass £40.00 Cosmos Clock Cosmos Clock Chris Harvey 4Dx30Øcm | wood £185.00 Art Deco Shell Vase Art Deco Shell Vase Peter White 21Hx14Øcm | ceramic £95.00 Art Deco Triangle Vase Art Deco Triangle Vase Peter White 21Hx17Øcm | ceramic £85.00 Goat Goat Cat Oakley 18Wx16Hx8Dcm | raku £110.00 Lindisfarne Hut with Bird Lindisfarne Hut with Bird Richard Ballantyne 15Wx10Hx15Dcm | ceramic £98.00 Wild Flowers Stand Up Wild Flowers Stand Up Caroline Cousin 20Wx16Hx7Dcm | fused glass £65.00 Lizard Lizard Laura Partington 23Wx42Hx4Dcm | wire sculpture £70.00 Green Pyramid Green Pyramid Vikki Stacey 16Wx12Hx14Dcm | cast glass £175.00 Elephant Elephant Richard Ballantyne 22Wx15Hx10Dcm | ceramic £120.00 Light Blue Pot Belly Vase Light Blue Pot Belly Vase Peter White 14Hx16Øcm | ceramic £85.00 Contemplation Contemplation Kathleen Deane 12Wx21Hx7Dcm | ceramic £375.00 Cream Vase II Cream Vase II Peter White 23Hx13Øcm | ceramic £60.00 Walnut Burr and Metallic Purple Resin Clock Walnut Burr and Metallic Purple Resin Clock Chris Harvey 3Dx31Øcm | wood £200.00 Art Deco Vase with Lid Art Deco Vase with Lid Peter White 14Hx14Øcm | ceramic £75.00 Square Platter with Dots Square Platter with Dots Penny Stevens 19Wx2Hx19Dcm | glass £40.00 Flora Flora Carol Read 24Wx62Hx20Dcm | porcelain £816.00 Baguette Platter Baguette Platter Tlws Johnson 40Wx2Hx10Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Goldfish Goldfish Roger Loxton 35Wx35Hcm | glass wall hanging £167.00 Jumping Horse Jumping Horse Laura Partington 30Wx27Hcm | wire sculpture £130.00 Sweet Chestnut and Resin Bowl Sweet Chestnut and Resin Bowl Chris Harvey 9Hx30Øcm | wood £210.00 Burr Oak Burr Oak Mike Waldt 15Hx18Øcm | turned wood £100.00 Quayside Quayside Andrew Brown 24Wx23Hcm | driftwood and beach finds £160.00 Square Edged Bowl Square Edged Bowl Roger Loxton 28Wx28Dcm | glass £75.00 Micro Chick Micro Chick Richard Ballantyne 9Wx9Hx7Dcm | raku £35.00 Ash Burr Bowl Ash Burr Bowl Chris Harvey 8Hx22Øcm | wood £67.00 Village Church Village Church Penny Stevens 13Wx20Hx11Dcm | glass £60.00 Whale Tail Whale Tail Penny Stevens 14Wx12Hx11Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Ammi Ammi Vikki Stacey 28Wx28Hx4Dcm | cast glass £420.00 Moon Moon Richard Ballantyne 7Wx36Hx7Dcm | raku £125.00 Stripy Bowl Stripy Bowl Sally McRae 20Wx3Hx20Dcm | fused glass £100.00 Lacy Lacy Carol Read 31Wx75Hx15Dcm | stoneware £816.00 Lola Lola Cat Oakley 20Wx18Hx10Dcm | raku £120.00 Lying Pig Lying Pig Cat Oakley 23Wx9Hx13Dcm | raku £125.00 Wind Beneath My Wings Wind Beneath My Wings Penny Stevens 20Wx24Hx6Dcm | glass £90.00 Klimtish Clock Klimtish Clock Penny Stevens 12Wx28Hx2Dcm | glass £140.00