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Ash and Resin Tray Ash and Resin Tray Chris Harvey 49Wx30Hx1Dcm | wood £167.00 First Frost First Frost Jan Munro PS 68Wx68Hcm | pastel £625.00 City Square City Square Gary John 35Wx35Hcm | acrylic £190.00 Lindisfarne Hut with Bird Lindisfarne Hut with Bird Richard Ballantyne 15Wx10Hx15Dcm | ceramic £98.00 Lying Hare Lying Hare Richard Ballantyne 33Wx10Hx22Dcm | raku £192.00 High Land Cove High Land Cove Raina Goran 80Wx65Hcm | oil on canvas £850.00 Whale Tail Whale Tail Penny Stevens 14Wx12Hx11Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Cherryade Cherryade Vikki Stacey 29Wx10Hx7Dcm | cast and polished glass £225.00 Kintsugi Dog Kintsugi Dog Richard Ballantyne 31Wx14Hx13Dcm | raku with gold leaf £220.00 I am Rook I am Rook Hannah Thomas 75Wx55Hcm | acrylic £450.00 Storm Over the Brickhills Storm Over the Brickhills Barrington Loines 63Wx36Hcm | oil £395.00 A Wet Day at the Golf Course A Wet Day at the Golf Course Barrington Loines 63Wx36Hcm | oil £395.00 Bound Slate I Bound Slate I Ann Loines 23Wx23Hcm | pencil £195.00 Water and Leaves Water and Leaves Tlws Johnson 45Wx2Hx22Dcm | glass £90.00 Dragonfly Dragonfly Penny Stevens 16Wx25Hx6Dcm | fused glass £90.00 Cosmos Clock Cosmos Clock Chris Harvey 4Dx30Øcm | wood £185.00 Scottish Harbour Scene Scottish Harbour Scene Terry Wood 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic on board £325.00 Butterflies Garden Ornament Butterflies Garden Ornament Caroline Cousin 6Wx27Hcm | fused glass £32.00 Glade Glade Susan Gray 35Wx30Hcm | acrylic on board £275.00 The Cyclist The Cyclist Lisa Campbell 60Wx90Hcm | oil £450.00 Rush Nursing Chair Rush Nursing Chair Susan Erskine Jones 55Wx80Hcm | oil on canvas £750.00 Woodland Walk Woodland Walk Terry Wood 76Wx61Hcm | acrylic £350.00 What No Guiness What No Guiness Richard Ballantyne 20Wx38Hx14Dcm | raku and found objects £250.00 Figures in a Moonlit Landscape Figures in a Moonlit Landscape Tlws Johnson 19Wx30Hx7Dcm | glass £90.00 Any Port Any Port Barrington Loines 50Wx50Hcm | oil £500.00 Stocks Stocks Jan Munro PS 65Wx72Hcm | pastel £625.00 Riverside Walk, Caldecotte Riverside Walk, Caldecotte Jill Varone 46Wx43Hcm | pastel £225.00 Holm Oak and Turquoise Resin Bowl Holm Oak and Turquoise Resin Bowl Chris Harvey 17Hx13Øcm | wood £210.00 Kindred Spirit I Kindred Spirit I Lorraine Streatfield 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £225.00 Boris Bikes Boris Bikes Cathy Read 30Wx45Hcm | watercolour and acrylic £625.00 Wind Beneath My Wings Wind Beneath My Wings Penny Stevens 20Wx24Hx6Dcm | glass £90.00 Crochet Pebble I Crochet Pebble I Ann Loines 23Wx23Hcm | pencil £195.00 True Colours True Colours Lorraine Streatfield 40Wx40Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £275.00 Clearing Mist Clearing Mist Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £210.00 Windfall Windfall Susan Erskine Jones 20Wx20Hcm | oil on thread canvas £180.00 Beach Scene, Crete Beach Scene, Crete Raina Goran 43Wx36Hcm | acrylic, pastel and collage £400.00 White Wolf White Wolf Richard Ballantyne 28Wx23Hx12Dcm | raku £200.00 Robin Robin Mary Mayne 25Wx25Hcm | textile £92.00 Valley Glow Valley Glow Gary John 25Wx25Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £180.00 Winter Cottages Winter Cottages Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £190.00 Natural Edged Cherry Bowl Natural Edged Cherry Bowl Chris Harvey 15Hx23Øcm | wood £100.00 Hydrangea Hydrangea Ann Loines 30Wx40Hcm | pencil £850.00 Evening Light, Venice Evening Light, Venice Alan Chown 63Wx53Hcm | watercolour £245.00 Green Pyramid Green Pyramid Vikki Stacey 16Wx12Hx14Dcm | cast glass £175.00 Princess Lay-a Princess Lay-a Becky Gouverneur 43Wx33Hcm | coloured pencil £250.00 St Alban's Market St Alban's Market Lisa Campbell 70Wx50Hcm | oil £360.00 Sunday Walk Sunday Walk Andrew Brown 65Wx40Hcm | acrylic and collage £275.00 Morning Meadow Morning Meadow Ann Loines 120Wx90Hcm | cold wax £1,250.00 Poppy Fields Poppy Fields Penny Stevens 16Wx22Hx7Dcm | glass £110.00 Moored Up Moored Up Irene Foster 37Wx46Hcm | oil £175.00 Stripy Bowl Stripy Bowl Sally McRae 20Wx3Hx20Dcm | fused glass £100.00 Art Deco Triangle Vase Art Deco Triangle Vase Peter White 21Hx17Øcm | ceramic £85.00 Bits and Pieces Bits and Pieces Sally McRae 6Hx28Øcm | fused glass £200.00 Jumping Horse Jumping Horse Laura Partington 30Wx27Hcm | wire sculpture £130.00 Nature's Way Nature's Way Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic £190.00 Fishing Boats at Essaouira Fishing Boats at Essaouira Alan Chown 43Wx35Hcm | acrylic £200.00 Art Deco Vase Art Deco Vase Peter White 14Hx9Øcm | ceramic £40.00 Evening Falls Evening Falls Ann Loines 98Wx68Hcm | encaustic wax and Oil £850.00 Silver Birch by the River Silver Birch by the River Terry Wood 76Wx62Hcm | acrylic on canvas £325.00 Old St Mary's Church, Woburn Old St Mary's Church, Woburn Barrington Loines 63Wx36Hcm | oil £395.00 Nefartari Nefartari Tlws Johnson 29Wx6Hx29Dcm | fused glass £70.00 Contemplation Contemplation Kathleen Deane 12Wx21Hx7Dcm | ceramic £375.00 Flippit Bowl Flippit Bowl Penny Stevens 5Hx18Øcm | glass £75.00 Nursing Chair Nursing Chair Susan Erskine Jones 27Wx32Hcm | oil on canvas board £110.00