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Charmian Hayes Oil Paintings, Still life and Animals

Charmian studied art in Liverpool back in the dark ages when the Beatles were fab and we could all do the twist without falling over.

For many years she had a "proper" job in I.T. (in the days when it was called ADP) and painting was her hobby, but when the arrival of a son and heir necessitated working from home she turned to art and began taking commissions for portraits and caricatures.

Originally her portraits were done in pastels, but, fed up with sweeping up all the pastel dust, she switched to oils and found her favourite medium . Now she paints every day at her studio in Great Linford and exhibits with local art societies.

Charmian specialises in painting animals, still life and people and enjoys working in a detailed, highly finished style, building the painting up with many layers and glazes. Having been Chairman of Milton Keynes Art Society has shown her talent in other administrative and designing skills to the full.