Roland Lawar

Roland's sculptures are conceived as 'seen' by him, as shapes, textures and colours and the arrangements of these elements in a three-dimensional form.

They are inspired by his personal journeys, observations of daily life, and the colours and textures of nature. He is also inspired by his African origin and ideas that have blended into the way he creates his works.

Working with found objects because he believes nothing is dead, he enjoys putting life back into what many people will consider waste.

When he picks up pieces of steel, he dusts them up, reassembles or reconstructs and there you are, you have a new piece of work with new energy.

Roland tries to make his sculptures highly viewer-interactive. His concepts are usually stirred by the shape of some found object and the dialogue that follows, his contact with the object, or from some memento that he has held on to since childhood. When growing up, he used to sit for hours staring at cracks in the walls and forming images with them.

These things bring up thoughts and experiences that challenge him and guide him through his creative processes.




Roland Lawar

Steel - 51x22cm