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Lacy Lacy Carol Read 31Wx75Hx15Dcm | stoneware £816.00 Frankie the Dachshund Frankie the Dachshund Cat Oakley 15Wx13Hx11Dcm | raku £75.00 Welcome to Carnaby Street Welcome to Carnaby Street Lisa Campbell 104Wx74Hcm | oil on mdf £700.00 Knight Knight David Wells 56Wx70Hcm | watercolour £225.00 Burning Bridges Burning Bridges Irene Foster 55Wx44Hcm | oil £345.00 Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Lisa Campbell 40Wx40Hcm | oil on canvas £230.00 Village Church Village Church Penny Stevens 13Wx20Hx11Dcm | glass £60.00 Vivid Silence Vivid Silence Tim Hagan 50Wx50Hcm | oil on canvas £300.00 Crochet Pebble I Crochet Pebble I Ann Loines 23Wx23Hcm | pencil £195.00 Square 1 Square 1 Vikki Stacey 6Wx6Hx5Dcm | cast glass £150.00 Boris Bikes Boris Bikes Cathy Read 30Wx45Hcm | watercolour and acrylic £625.00 White Wolf White Wolf Richard Ballantyne 28Wx23Hx12Dcm | raku £200.00 Ria Formosa Ria Formosa Irene Foster 33Wx28Hcm | oil £150.00 City Park City Park Andrew Brown 52Wx40Hcm | acrylic on canvas £325.00 A Splash of Colour A Splash of Colour Clare Tebboth 33Wx33Hcm | oil £200.00 Figurative Study 7 Figurative Study 7 Terry Wood 61Wx76Hcm | acrylic on canvas £230.00 After The Rain After The Rain Ann Loines 80Wx35Hcm | encaustic wax £850.00 Ash and Blue Resin Pot Ash and Blue Resin Pot Chris Harvey 10Hx12Øcm | wood and resin £50.00 Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy Mary Mayne 28Wx63Hcm | textile £105.00 Wild Flowers Stand Up Wild Flowers Stand Up Caroline Cousin 20Wx16Hx7Dcm | fused glass £65.00 Free Spirit Free Spirit Barrington Loines 60Wx60Hcm | oil £950.00 Poppy Fields Poppy Fields Penny Stevens 16Wx22Hx7Dcm | glass £110.00 Funtime with Fabric Funtime with Fabric Mary Mayne 23Wx43Hcm | textile £80.00 Art Deco Vase with Lid Art Deco Vase with Lid Peter White 14Hx14Øcm | ceramic £75.00 Purple Mountain Purple Mountain Alison Abrams 56Wx28Hcm | resin and coloured pigments £395.00 Under the Sea Under the Sea Alison Abrams 50Øcm | resin and coloured pigments £275.00 Limelight Limelight Barrington Loines 60Wx60Hcm | oil £850.00 Orca in the Ocean Orca in the Ocean Penny Stevens 23Wx58Hx13Dcm | glass £160.00 Sweet Chestnut and Resin Bowl Sweet Chestnut and Resin Bowl Chris Harvey 9Hx30Øcm | wood £210.00 Elizabeth Castle, Jersey Elizabeth Castle, Jersey Alan Chown 90Wx35Hcm | acrylic on canvas £295.00 Cosmos Clock Cosmos Clock Chris Harvey 4Dx30Øcm | wood £185.00 Poppies Serving Platter Poppies Serving Platter Tlws Johnson 36Wx3Hx17Dcm | fused glass £60.00 Lola Lola Cat Oakley 20Wx18Hx10Dcm | raku £120.00 Baguette Platter Baguette Platter Tlws Johnson 40Wx2Hx10Dcm | fused glass £50.00 Poppy Poppy Irene Foster 62Wx52Hcm | oil £295.00 The Comfort of Small Places The Comfort of Small Places Susan Erskine Jones 62Wx72Hcm | oil £650.00 Cambodian Fishing Village III Cambodian Fishing Village III Roy Holding 91Wx60Hcm | mixed media £2,000.00 Organic Spiral Organic Spiral Sally McRae 7Hx30Øcm | fused glass £300.00 Contemplation Contemplation Kathleen Deane 12Wx21Hx7Dcm | ceramic £375.00 Flora Flora Carol Read 24Wx62Hx20Dcm | porcelain £816.00 Serenity Serenity Kathleen Deane 11Wx30Hx7Dcm | ceramic £417.00 Light Blue Pot Belly Vase Light Blue Pot Belly Vase Peter White 14Hx16Øcm | ceramic £85.00 Cherry Red Cherry Red Jan Munro PS 51Wx52Hcm | acrylic £535.00 Stacked Pebbles Stacked Pebbles Ann Loines 28Wx33Hcm | pencil £195.00 Thai Pai Thai Pai Irene Foster 56Wx26Hcm | oil £160.00 Fallen Fallen Kathleen Deane 8Wx27Hx10Dcm | clay £420.00 Pitigliano, Tuscany II Pitigliano, Tuscany II Roy Holding 120Wx100Hcm | mixed media £3,500.00 Goldfish Goldfish Vikki Stacey 10Wx33Hx5Dcm | cast glass £650.00 Tate Modern Tate Modern Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on panel £190.00 Fields of Glory Fields of Glory Gary John 40Wx60Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £360.00 Estuary Serving Platter Estuary Serving Platter Tlws Johnson 43Wx3Hx11Dcm | glass £50.00 Confusion - No Big Surprise Confusion - No Big Surprise Irene Foster 100Wx50Hcm | oil £420.00 Vineyard at Stellenbosch, South Africa Vineyard at Stellenbosch, South Africa Raina Goran 52Wx42Hcm | acrylic, pastel and collage £450.00 Clouds Beckon Clouds Beckon Irene Foster 45Wx35Hcm | oil £320.00 Langdale Pikes Across Loughrigg Tarn Langdale Pikes Across Loughrigg Tarn Barrington Loines 29Wx29Hcm | oil £320.00 Over the Line Over the Line David Wells 65Wx70Hcm | watercolour £225.00 January Blues January Blues Barrington Loines 50Wx50Hcm | oil £500.00 Spotty Bowl and Figs Spotty Bowl and Figs Jan Munro PS 50Wx50Hcm | pastel £575.00 Cloud Gap at Crinkle Crags, Lake District Cloud Gap at Crinkle Crags, Lake District Tim Hagan 67Wx88Hcm | oil on canvas £450.00 Burr Oak Burr Oak Mike Waldt 15Hx18Øcm | turned wood £100.00 Old St Mary's Church, Woburn Old St Mary's Church, Woburn Barrington Loines 63Wx36Hcm | oil £395.00 Urban Floral I Urban Floral I Lorraine Streatfield 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £225.00 The Three Graces The Three Graces Irene Foster 100Wx50Hcm | oil £295.00 Valley Folds Valley Folds Gary John 30Wx30Hcm | acrylic on wood panel £210.00